With the exception of two pieces of art for the wall above this shoe shelf, our mudroom is complete and it is functioning SO well for us!

You might remember from the peek post, that I planned our mudroom by addressing the issues, rather than my wants. I made a list of all of the items that needed homes (and there were a lot of them) and began searching for storage for those things specifically.

We measured and planned and then hit the store for the very specific items we knew would solve our problems.

I also came up with a list that I consider essential for your main entry space, whether it’s the garage, the mudroom, a little nook near your front or side door or just in a drawer. This helped me to make sure I didn’t forget about things when it came to storage.

I tried to keep the art in this room cheap or free. Bodhi painted the bottom one. And he is quite proud of his work being in here! Melissa Oholendt gave us prints from B’s party which is in the second frame and I framed some black and white striped scrapbook paper from Bodhi’s birthday in the top one. I grabbed this heart city print from Ikea and all of them are in Ikea’s ridiculously inexpensive and super easy to hang NYTTJA picture frames.

This “HELLO” sign was an easy DIY project for our front door, but it banged around too much out there. We think it will be a sweet greeting in here. This whole wall still needs to be hung, but I’m waiting for a special piece of art before figuring out the layout.

Because I did everything relatively cheap in here, I will admit. I ran to Anthropologie to splurge on some hooks for this room, but didn’t find anything that made me say “wow” so I hit up Target. I found these simple, yet completely perfect hooks. These hooks match the room’s color palette quite well and they are strong. I love them and plan to add at least two more hooks. Also, how amazing are lilacs? We have two lilac bushes and they smell divine right now. I brought some in my office and mudroom. LOVE!

This was a Home Goods find that I couldn’t resist. It is currently perfect for bubbles and magazines, but could easily work for other things if needed. I’ll be posting about bubbles soon. Bubbles have been my favorite thing this summer. So relaxing and fun.

Essentials for a mudroom

  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen, bug spray and any other outdoor necessities
  • Bubbles-we have several bottles of bubbles. If they are in one spot, we can always remember them.
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Other toys that you don’t keep outside or in the garage—for us that is a fabric frisbee
  • Keys
  • Diapers, swim diapers and/or wipes
  • Towels-I love the idea of having them folded cute, but due to space limitations, one is on a hook and a few others are in a basket.
  • Shoes
  • Sun hats or baseball caps
  • Sweatshirts and rain jackets
  • An “out the door bag.”
  • Umbrellas
  • Swimsuits

This room has already been amazing for us as we’ve been busy planting flowers outside many evenings.

A couple of things we already realized we’re missing:

  • Laundry basket-just yesterday we were planting flowers and all three of us came in with muddy clothes. We’ll be adding a basket this week.
  • More hooks needed-I think we need a few key hooks and another large hook.

And the thing that has helped the most in here is next to impossible to photograph due to the size of our mudroom. We purchased a Pax wardrobe in white to use as a closet for brooms, paper towels, tools, beverage tubs and our vacuum. While we LOVE our new house, we’ve realized that there are not a lot of options for storage on the first floor for necessities like these and the wardrobe fits well behind a door.

On the rug
Do you ever look at rugs that are on display at stores and quickly realize that they will not last with kids? Well, that happens to me all the time. With this $19.99 Ikea rug we got, I looked at the one in the store and while the white dots were no longer white, they still looked good in an ivory/tannish color from all of the Ikea foot traffic. This is much better than most rugs so I was convinced this was a great option, plus that price! Am I right?!

Shopping resources

Hemnes shoe cabinets ($129) Ikea.
Black and white rug ($19.99) Ikea.
Pax wardrobe ($139) Ikea.
White and black Threshold Darby Hook ($7.99) Target.
Kid puppy dog tail hooks ($2.99) Ikea.
Black rail with white pots ($6) for sunscreen and sunglasses Ikea.
HELLO sign ($4) DIY.
Black and white dotted framed fabric ($3)-framed Ikea fabric in a frame we already owned. Used for B’s birthday.
Built-in storage benches-came with our house.
Black frame ($7.99) with heart print ($8) Ikea.

p.s. I REALLY need a wide-angle lens for photographing these things. Anyone have a recommendation? Shooting with a 50mm is ridiculous. I am always standing about two rooms away or in this case, outside or on a ladder to get as much of the room as possible in the shot.

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