The last time I talked about our bedroom was back in March and before that in January. And until recently we hadn’t done much to improve the room. But now, thanks to a family lifestyle photo session scheduled with the amazing Melissa Oholendt Photography (btw, all of the photos with people in them were taken by her), we’ve made some progress. We still don’t have a light fixture (post coming soon with some options) and we just finally got curtains. Oh what a difference that makes.  

 I thought I’d show you the updates just to share once again, the impact simple things like inexpensive Ikea curtains, can make. Oh, and my beautiful Anthropologie major sale find throw pillow.

Speaking of that lovely pillow!  I grabbed it from our local store for $20 after seeing it there for weeks. First I found it for somewhere around $60, then $40 and then it made it way down to my price range. Actually, I prefer to pick up throw pillows for even less, but this one was worth $20. For sure.

We love how bright and white and open and functional our master bedroom has become. I have a few fun projects in the works including some art and of course, picking up the perfect light fixture, but overall the room is feeling fairly complete and very cozy!

Adding things like baskets for toys and magazines and using our closets wisely helps to keep things organized and neat. And I’ll share a little jewelry organization project soon as well.

We recently moved our formal living room chair to our bedroom because our cats have been scratching it. Back to the drawing board for our formal living room since the fabric we got from West Elm really isn’t made for cats with claws. Any recommendations out there?

Lastly, I have to say that white has been really easy to keep clean for us. Our bedding is all machine washable, so that helps a lot. Our toddler definitely makes a huge mess in the rest of our house and our bedroom too, but the white hasn’t been a problem. I’ve heard people say that before, but no issues here. In fact, I feel like it’s so easy to keep it looking good with hot water during laundry and good stain remover.

And our room has become one of our favorite spaces in our home for play, rest and lots of laughter.

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