This is the last post in the series on Bodhi’s FUNTASTIC birthday party. I wanted to share a few of my favorite photos of Bodhi enjoying his big day with his friends! I’ll admit, this post is more for myself, but thought that most anyone can enjoy pics of adorable little ones, right?!

These sweet little nuggets above are some of Bodhi’s best friends. Miles and Malia are the son and daughter of Lisa from My Inner Fashionlogue and Mateo, on the right, is the son of Cassie of ChubbyMama Cupcakes. Love them all!

The DIY tutorials for the backdrop above, the dessert table backdrop and easy bow tie party favors are coming soon. Hooray!

All the little ones who were ok sitting for one minute. Can’t believe we got this many on one sofa.

And Bodhi’s other buddy Miles wearing his DIY bow tie!

In the photo below, little man looks slightly sneaky with his cake…

To me, this post is full of the best details of all… our sweet babies! Cheesy, I know, but so true!

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