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I recently had the opportunity to organize my laundry room using Rubbermaid All Access Organizers from Home Depot and I jumped at the chance. Our laundry room has become the place we put random things-craft stuff, blankets, curtains we no longer use, table cloths, old rugs, bags of clothes for donation and even lamps. Don’t worry. I captured “before” photos and they are waiting for you below. It’s not good! Read on for the embarrassing details and all of our “after” photos. 

Let’s just say that the task of doing laundry, something I already don’t love, has not been enjoyable at all.

But, things have changed. My husband and I spent Sunday working on this room. We used several things that we had in storage or didn’t have a use for. We also filled up the Rubbermaid All Access Organizers with the things we needed in the laundry room, but that didn’t have a good place.

Rubbermaid All Access Organizers are different than typical containers. Traditional bins and containers work well for storing and organizing items, but it can be really difficult to remember what you have inside them and to access things on the bottom. The NEW All Access™ Organizers feature an awesome clear drop-down door so you can easily see and retrieve anything you want even when these are stacked. I also love that they come in a pretty turquoise and blue. I chose turquoise.

I stacked them and even use them as a side table. I now fold clothes in our laundry room sitting on the chair. I keep a little notepad on top of the organizers too since I always think of something I want to do or new ideas when folding laundry. When I picked these organizers up, I immediately thought of three different rooms where they would make a huge impact for us-the playroom (obviously), my closet and our laundry room.

Lovely, right? It’s a big improvement considering all we did was repurpose things from other areas of our home and add in the Rubbermaid All Access Organizers.

I moved all of our laundry products we needed into a yellow basket on top of the washer. And since the laundry room is one of very few rooms in my house where I can have fresh flowers, I decided I was going to add a vase. We have cats who try to eat flowers all the time. But I love flowers and wash a load of clothes every day. I will definitely notice the beautiful flowers in here.

Bodhi helped pick hydrangeas from our garden and we picked up the pink peonies (my favorite) at the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market. Such a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning, by the way.

Oh, and the art? $2.98. No joke! I just picked up scrapbook paper I loved and framed it in frames we had in our stash of frames from our old house. I was considering donating these frames. I was happy to find a spot for them.

I love the pretty patterns and the colors go so well with our new curtains and our All Access Organizers.

Would you like to see the before pics? They are just iPhone photos, but it will show you how much of a dumping ground our laundry room had become.  

Oh what a mess! It’s a bit embarrassing! Look at the other side.

It’s terrible. That entire pile of blankets, table cloths and rugs in the corner are now neatly tucked inside the Rubbermaid All Access Organizers. Our clothes that are on the floor in these photos are now in our laundry hampers behind the door. We had the hampers under the table before so you couldn’t access them. Also, why in the world did we think having a table in this smallish space was a good idea? The room feels double or triple the size of what it did before.

I can’t end my post with those terrible photos, so here is one last photo.

Every time I get to improving a room, I always realize that it isn’t that much work to make some very noticeable improvements. And you can even do it on a limited budget or in some cases, no budget at all.

We haven’t started tackling big things in our home like painting rooms, but even small touches can make such a difference. And de-cluttering rooms is SO worth the time. I feel lighter just knowing that the laundry room is clean and clutter-free.

Disclaimer: I received compensation and products in exchange for this laundry room post. As always, all opinions are my own.

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