Unstopables plus five home decorating tips for spring

For the past three years, I’ve been on a mission to make our house a home. We moved in three years ago next month and we’ve slowly turned our house into a bright, fresh, cheerful home that we love. Our kitchen and powder room are two of my favorite rooms in our home. I’m excited to share a look at both today since the powder room hasn’t been on the blog yet.

Unstopables plus five home decorating tips for spring


I love our white kitchen cabinets and white, grey and black granite. The subway tile backsplash was actually a last-minute change due to our original tile being out of stock. We went with subway tile because it’s incredibly inexpensive so we wouldn’t feel bad replacing it quickly, but since then, I’ve found that I LOVE it and have no intention of changing it at all.

Unstopables plus five home decorating tips for spring

Our kitchen is really bright thanks to a south facing window.

I’ve learned things along the way in decorating our home and while my aesthetic isn’t for everyone, I’m happy to share five tips for creating a bright cheerful home just in time for spring.

Unstopables plus five home decorating tips for spring

FIVE tips for spring home decorating

1. Incorporate fruit. Yes, fruit. Keep your fruit bowl in your kitchen filled with a variety of fruit. We eat a ton of produce now that we’re using Blendtec to make green whole juices so we always have beautiful fruit including oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit, apples, avocados, peaches, pears, nectarines and more. I also love fruit art. I keep a pineapple print on our kitchen counter. Fruit feels fresh.

2. Give your home life with plants or faux plants. We have cats who eat every live thing we’ve ever had so I’ve come to terms with using faux flowers and greens. Even the fake stuff makes an impact. I love our boxwood wreath on our kitchen to mudroom door, boxwood topiaries and faux flowers. If you can use fresh flowers and real plants, even better!

3. White. I know, I know. I say it all the time. Adding white to your home decor will brighten it up immediately. This doesn’t mean you have to go 90% white with your furniture and cabinets like we have, but when you are debating between wood tones, metals etc…, consider white as an option. Even when placed on a wood stand, white objects, vases etc… brighten up your space and they go with everything. White items will stand the test of time. Many people ask me if everything gets dirty. It really doesn’t show things any more than our old black brown table did. I am honestly a happier person, the brighter our home gets.

4. Wallpaper or patterns. We added wallpaper to our smallest room in our home for budget reasons and it has made a huge impact. It makes the room really bright and fun. I still need to add some art and details plus swap out the sink at some point, but wallpaper can definitely make an impact and has for us. I have dreams of adding patterned wallpaper on our fireplace wall in our family room too. To be continued…

5. Scent Décor. Incorporate scent into your home. Whether it’s a candle, air freshener, essential oils or other items, scent adds to the general feel of your home. I’ve added P&G Unstopables into our home which you will see in the photos. From a diffuser in the kitchen to fresh candles placed throughout our home, Unstopables might be the perfect fit for your home.

Unstopables plus five home decorating tips for spring

Unstopables is a new, crave-worthy collection of air, home and fabric care products that delivers rich, long-lasting and enveloping sensorial experiences for scent styling and upscaling one’s environment and wardrobe. Specially formatted with breakthrough fragrance technology, Unstopables delivers hours of freshness and prestige to your home and the clothes you love to wear.

Check out my new wallpaper below! It’s subtle but lovely!

Unstopables plus five home decorating tips for spring

An unexpected touch of luxury for exceptional everyday living, Unstopables, is not just about lighting a candle – it’s about styling your world through Scent Décor – that finishing, fragrant touch for evoking that elusive, unexpected luxury to one’s personal design aesthetic.

Unstopables plus five home decorating tips for spring

Unstopables plus five home decorating tips for spring

Unstopables plus five home decorating tips for spring

Incorporating the different scents into our environment has been fun. I prefer the “fresh” scent (light and vibrant), but they also offer Lush (lavender floral and vanilla) and Shimmer (fruity and floral)

About Unstopables

Unstopables fabric refresher and air refresher are infused with a long-lasting fragrance technology that slowly releases freshness over time to continually give the air and your fabrics a fragrant boost enhancement. The Unstopables line of candles and scented oil warmers are comprised of alluring perfume oils to deliver a rich and enveloping experience. In-wash scent booster beads allow you to enjoy a fresh scent experience infused on linens, towels, clothes and other fabrics with sophisticated scents. The line lets you scent style and upscale your environment and wardrobe so you can smell like the lifestyle you deserve.

A note from Nate Berkus

“When I decorate, I am always reaching for reclaimed materials, antiques and vintage pieces. Things that feel worn and interesting. In my own home, I have a reclaimed farm table cut in half and mounted to the wall as a console in my living room. It’s about unexpected touches that feel luxe. That’s why I’m a believer in Scent Décor – it’s one of the most elegant, and easiest, ways to up the ante in any space. It’s a lot of impact for not a lot of money.”

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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