Our porch

We chose our house style because it has a double porch in the front. Is there anything better than a big porch on a hot summer day or a crisp fall afternoon? Our upper porch comes right off of our master bedroom. It’s lovely.

Our porch

We LOVE our porch. And I always get thinking about ways to decorate it around this time of year because fall decor is so much fun!

Our porchI’ve had dreams of decking it out with pumpkins and mums and creepy crawly spider things. So far we’ve kept it simple though. 

Home tour: Our porch

I love working on our porch, sitting on our upper porch in the evening reading the kids a book before bed or enjoying a few minutes alone after they are fast asleep.

Our porch

Who knew a porch could bring such peace and joy. It’s a calm place to sit when it’s raining out.

Our porch

And I enjoy the buzz of children and school buses at about 3:30 everyday. Or the smell of grills and fire pits at dinner time.

Our porch

I love taking first day of school photos here and Halloween photos too.

Outdoor summer fun

I use our porch and bright yellow door to greet guests at our parties and for play dates.

A giant painted letter

I’m just feeling really grateful for this peaceful space that greets us each day.

Hello door sign for front door DIY


Do you have a porch? Do you love it? We rarely see neighbors using their porches, but we sure do love ours.