Remember my inspiration board for our formal living room? Well, the room is done, sort of! I’ll always be updating with do-it-yourself projects and new pillows, but here it is. 

I’m looking forward to adding some spring green and coral throw pillows in the spring and someday…. a dining room table. The other half of the room is still 100% empty! The walls need some lovin’ as well, but that’s yet to come.

Elton settee-West Elm
Gold and silver throw pillows-Target, West Elm, Home Goods
Rug-Crate and Barrel
Curtains-West Elm
Side table-Patina-bought it as a defective clearance item years ago.
Mirror-this one!
Silver martini side table-West Elm (slightly damaged so 40% off! Since then, Bodhi has hit it with a toy hammer, so, I’m quite thankful I bought it at this price point) ;)
Low butler tray stand and gold tray-West Elm

Honestly, this probably wasn’t the most budget-friendly room we’ve ever done. I wanted to get it done without spending weeks, months (or years?) searching for the least expensive option because of all kinds of hosting over the holidays. I do plan to make some very budget-friendly art for the room soon though, and will be making pillow covers for spring. And when I saw the new Shades of Light collection from Young House Love announced this morning, I knew immediately that one (or many) of the new fixtures (under $99) will make its way into this room and others.

What are you up to in your home?

p.s. Have you had trouble commenting lately? Just thought I’d throw it out there. I’ve heard from a few friends that it’s not working, so would love to know. Thanks!