Formal living room inspiration

After many months of living in our new home, we have finally decided to pull the trigger on some furniture and accessories for our formal living and dining room space. We’re keeping it light though, because we use that area for major playtime fun with Bodhi! Soccer. Golf. Hide and seek and so much more. We’re not adding a dining table at this point. To get through the holidays, I’m thinking of renting a couple of cocktail tables for our annual Very Merry Cocktail Party and I’m going to use long folding tables with beautiful linens for Christmas. We should have it covered… So, back to the formal living room.

I often struggle in the beginning of my room planning to pick color combos. I love color and I love neutrals. I change my mind multiple times and eventually settle on something that I make work. This time, I’m going a little risky! Our walls are Mindful Gray by Sherwin Williams. I’m not ready to do any sort of painting at this point, so we’re leaving it this way. Because we want this room to feel slightly more formal than our family room, we wanted to go a different route with colors. Our color palette includes mindful grey walls, dark grey, metallic gold, metallic silver and finally plum accents.
We’re adding in the Elton Settee from West Elm in basketweave iron (see above, bottom right). With that, we are doing silver and gold accents. I like to get away from typical rooms where you only have one metal. I love to push the design limits just a bit. We plan to add in gold curtains, gold, silver and plum throw pillows (not the one shown here), a silver side table (from West Elm-it was slightly dented so I was able to snatch it for 40% off!), a silver and gold coffee table and my favorite thing of all… a mid-century modern side table I found on Craigslist last week for $15.

{photo via craigslist}

At this point, I plan to paint it gold and add some funky knobs from Anthropologie. This purchase was completely and totally inspired by Tiffany. The rug is still TBD! I also plan to repaint this mirror for the third time and put it above the little sofa. I’ll share our fireplace redo soon. What do you think? Can we pull off this color combo? I’ll share the final room soon. Everything should be in within just a few weeks.
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Design put together using Polyvore.
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