Friends! Vacation is just good for the soul. Period.

Whether you go somewhere close to home or fly for hours. Getting away from the daily grind with your family is so nice!

But, traveling with a toddler is not relaxing. At all.

While it’s not relaxing, it is so much fun and it’s so nice to just enjoy your husband and child without laundry and cooking and cleaning and work calling your name.

And because my expectations were low traveling with a toddler, the flights ended up being ok. No one traded seats with us and Delta wasn’t able to help out either.

I’m not super happy about that still, but it all worked out. Bodhi loved the airport and was SUCH a good boy.

Bodhi slept the entire flight home and slept for about an hour on the way there. He was well behaved, happy and excited both ways and I finally feel like traveling with him is really manageable.

I’ll have several posts in the coming weeks sharing my thoughts on Captiva Island and our resort, but for now, a few photos. And most of them are iPhone pics. I left my camera in the room all but one day. Bad mama!

Hope you enjoyed! Have a lovely weekend!

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