This post is sponsored by HomeZada through my work with Burst Media. All opinions are my own. 

We’ve been in our new home for a year and a half now. My husband and I have definitely figured out our style and we’ve learned how to do a lot around the house since this move.

But with a busy lifestyle and an active little one, it’s easy to lose track of the lists and lists of home maintenance and home improvement projects we have. I am so excited to share HomeZada with you today. 

HomeZada is the answer to all of our home organization issues. HomeZada was created out of personal need when the cofounders were trying to manage their homes but nothing was available. Having a solution that helps homeowners track everything about their home in one place creates better organization. Additionally leveraging the cloud allows homeowners the ability to access information about their homes anywhere.

To be honest, we stink at annual home maintenance. When we moved in, I vowed to put everything on the calendar, but the problem is that I don’t even know what everything is. When we hang out with our neighbors, we always hear things that they are doing to prepare for winter, get ready for summer etc… Who knew you had to have your sprinkler system winterized? We don’t have one, but I had no idea.

And the first thing I put on our calendar when we moved in was our furnace filter. We changed it 6 months late. Not good.

HomeZada has a home maintenance focus. You can:

  • Get alerts sent via email when activities need to get completed
  • Assign tasks to multiple people in your family
  • Add custom tasks to your HomeZada calendar
  • Choose from over 150 current property or household tasks to help your understand what your home needs (ah, yes please!)
  • make tasks link back to your home inventory

This is exactly what we need!

And while maintenance isn’t my favorite part, home improvement is. Our home improvement list is VERY long and I keep losing the hardcopy list I developed. Such a mess.

In the home improvement part of HomeZada you can:

  • Track wish list projects, in progress, completed and cancelled
  • Take photos or use online photos to track potential wish list ideas or shopping choices during in progress projects
  • Collaborate with your family members on your shopping choices and project details
  • View 50 common home improvement projects templates in the HomeZada system which can help you get started on a particular project and what you need for that project
  • Track your ongoing project costs to help have better budgeting on a particular project or a series of projects over a specified period of time
  • Once a project is completed, you can transfer to your home inventory and update your insurance company.

Friends! This is just what we need to really officially graduate to being home-owning adults. HomeZada allows homeowners to track home inventory, home maintenance, home improvement projects and all the finances about these items and other financial components about a home.  This gives people a better understanding to one of their largest assets allowing the ability to protect and maintain its value.

At our old home, my uncle served as our HomeZada for home maintenance stuff. He’d stop by and tell us things we should do. I never knew about 3/4 of them. But he now lives much further away and we are a hot mess. We’re now using HomeZada to organize our home projects and maintenance and it’s such a relief to have this tool at my fingertips.

You have to try HomeZada. Visit HomeZada on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with all of HomeZada’s happenings. And HomeZada’s Pinterest page is filled with beautiful ideas for the home and yard.