When my friends are pregnant with their second children, I always try to offer to throw a baby shower of some sort. I believe that every baby is worth celebrating and if someone is turned off by the idea (you know, because you don’t get to have baby showers twice), they are free to decline the invitation. It doesn’t have to be as fancy and huge as the first baby shower, but I think it’s important to get together and celebrate the new little life. It could even be as simple as a night with your best girlfriends. 

For  one of my closest friends, the shower idea wasn’t quite right, but she thought having an open house after the baby was born would be better. I hosted an intimate and very simple open house to welcome her daughter this past weekend at her home. I kept everything easy and bought most everything at Target or Trader Joe’s. Here are a few of the details.

We decided that because it was just in the afternoon, we would provide a little coffee and tea bar with simple snacks. We had some delicious chocolates, popcorn and caramel popcorn as well as some assorted pastries. I included sugar swizzle sticks that looked like rock candy (Trader Joe’s).

 Shannon, my go-to Gal, from Grace & Guy Paperie whipped these cute cup wraps up in short order.

It was so nice to catch up with friends in a comfortable and cozy environment on a frigid Minnesota day. Here is the little reason we all got together. Also, I love baby feet!

Have a great week!

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