Oh Boy Style: Big Brother Little Brother Wedding outfits


Little brother look: Hat | Vest | Onesie dress shirt | Bow tie | Suspenders | Pants | Chuck Taylors in “poolside”

Big brother look: Suit | Shirt | Necktie (similar)| Chuck Taylors in grey

My other site Oh Boy Style has sat stagnant for a while. I do plan to resurrect it once both boys are in childcare beginning in a few weeks, but I had to share today’s wedding style look for our baby boy and toddler (preschool but still in toddler sizes) here. Little boy fashion and style is really fun for me. I know people say girl stuff is cuter and more fun. While I agree that there are way more options and the accessorizing part must be such a joy, I think boy style can be pretty great too.

We have a fun family wedding coming up in a couple of weeks. Bodhi is really into dressing up in a suit like his daddy, so we decided to go all out and deck the boys out in cute coordinating (not matching) looks for the wedding.

Little brother look

We originally wanted a matching suit for Ezra, but 1-year-olds just look goofy in so much fabric. I opted for a soft cotton dressy style from Gymboree on super sale. It feels like sweatpants but looks really cute! We decided to go with suspenders and a vest. He will wear the vest to the wedding and I’ll probably take it off for the reception for a new look, not that anyone will notice, but I couldn’t decide which I liked better. :)

And lastly, as much as I love a good neck tie, I know Ezra would just pull at it, so we went with a bow tie for him and a matching neck tie for Bodhi from Urban Sunday. We just happened to love the bright fun colors in the Minneapolis tie.

Big brother look

Bodhi wanted a full suit. I wanted grey. It was easy to find and order a suit at our local boutique store Edelweiss Baby and although I love the toddler suit I have here in the look, it comes in with a pretty hefty price tag. We were able to get a full suit fitted to Bodhi’s size for $50, a significant savings. His suit came with a white shirt, so we saved money there as well. We have a second family wedding this fall so he will probably wear it again there and then I’ll keep it for Ezra or sell it.

Of course, for both boys I had to add my own twists to the mix. Chuck Taylors are becoming more and more popular for weddings and I knew I didn’t want typical dress shoes for my guys. They aren’t in the wedding so we were able to have a little fun plus get them shoes that they will wear again vs. an expensive pair of dress shoes that would probably hurt their feet and would never be touched again. While I would’ve loved going with a pop of color for Bodhi, he gts dirty in the summer and they would’ve been ruined after one or two times wearing them outside. We went with grey. Bodhi will stay at the reception and dance late into the night, so I wanted him to have shoes that were comfortable enough for that.

That’s it. I have such a good time putting together outfits for our guys.

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