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Today we take our first fight with Bodhi! He is thrilled. We are off to spend Thanksgiving with family and friends in Washington D.C. While there we plan to bring Bodhi to a few monuments, run a Thanksgiving Day 5K, relax and of course, EAT!

Other mamas have been so helpful in preparing me for the flight. Here are a few tips for traveling with a toddler, many of them from my Facebook mamas group. Thanks ladies!

  • Bring favors for flight attendants
  • Pack light
  • Bring snacks and lots of activities
  • Have a movie on your iPhone ready as a last resort
  • Baby Advil or Tylenol for landing
  • Bring a bottle or sippy cup for the baby to suck on when landing to help with ear pain
  • Pack just a couple of diapers and wipes in a ziplock bag for quick changes without pulling out giant carry-on bags
  • Check your car seat at the ticket counter and check your stroller at the gate for free. Many moms recommended these bags for the carseat.
  • Get to your gate early and request a seat for those under 2-year-olds at the gate
  • Make time to run to the airport playground or chase your child up and down the hallways before the flight
Off we go! We’ll let you know how it went when we return.
Please consult your doctor for specific travel tips for your child. This list is in not medical advice. It is just a list of recommendations from other moms. What has worked for you and your little ones?
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