“You’re off to great places. Today is your day. Your mountain is waiting so get on your way.” -Dr. Seuss

First day of Kindergarten BodhiOur sweet Bodhi started Kindergarten today. He was excited and ready.

Frist day of Kindergarten (2 of 9)It feels like the world says I should be sad today. I’m ok. I’m so at peace with where we are. There is something amazing about watching your children grow into strong, kind, compassionate, smart, independent people.

Fall family photosThere are waves of sadness and even sometimes tears when you are a mama. Acceptance of change can be tough and watching your babies grow can hurt the heart a bit, can’t it?

Baby BodhiToday though, I’m happy. I worry about the bus and about him finding his way. But I also feel a great sense of joy and community as we wait at the bus stop with our neighbors and we all watch our little ones go off on the bus to the same school. I received several incredibly kind and thoughtful messages from other mamas of kindergarteners and those who will have kindergarteners next year. Community is amazing.

My sweet friend sent me a photo of B with his buddy by their classroom. The look on his face said it all! He is in the right place! Her sending the photo was such a comfort too.

Bodhi fallI’m letting the waves of sadness just be today and noticing that my gratitude and happiness are much stronger. I’m certain I will always look at photos of my boys as babies and toddlers with some heart tugs. I’m guessing that never goes away.

But, this boy’s got this Kindergarten thing! And I’ve got my community. We’ll be good. :)
Frist day of Kindergarten (4 of 9)Off he goes…


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