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While we just finally shared the news about our second baby, I’ve been planning our nursery for a while. After having Bodhi and putting together his nursery, I have a very clear understanding of what is needed to function smoothly with a newborn. Organization and simplicity are key. And a soothing, warm and cozy space is helpful. While I still LOVE grey as a wall color (after all, it’s everywhere in our home), I am leaning towards a warmer neutral for Baby #2’s nursery.

We received this adorable handmade Short Horn stuffed animal from WE’VE Built. I think it perfectly captures the colors and textures I want to incorporate into our nursery. Think very organic and soft. If it’s a boy, we will likely skip the pink, but the general soft look and feel with natural textures is exactly what we’re going for. And I love decorating the nursery with just a few statement pieces. 

This sweet Short Horn will look great on the chair or on a shelf. And when baby is bigger, it can be used as a toy instead of decor. We plan to reuse our crib and only purchase a few basic things and of course, a great glider or rocker this time.

And we will go with very simple bedding this time around. We plan to skip the bumper though. I’m so excited to already have this much of our inspiration ready and adding this sweet Short Horn from WE’VE Built to the nursery decor is perfect.

WE’VE Built’s philosophy is simple. It’s a collaboration that incorporates sustainability, technology, storytelling and design in a community connecting diverse, highly-skilled artisans together. WE’VE Built works hard to ensure that everything they do has positive ripple effects elsewhere from the materials the artisans use to the impact on their communities. WE’VE Built offers high-end hand-made products that are perfect for holiday gift giving.

Actually, Bodhi is going to give Short Horn to baby for Christmas this year. He is getting more and more interested in this growing baby every day.  

Check out WE’VE Built to view artisan gifts for the holiday season and you can get to know the artisans behind the beautiful options. You can also follow WE’VE Built on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Google+.

p.s. I’ll share all of the sources for the nursery inspiration board soon. :)

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