peaceI don’t want to discuss politics. I don’t want to hear your opinions on politics. I’ve had the opportunity to hear nearly every argument on every side of every issue via our good friend Facebook. I was deeply saddened by the outcome of the election. My reasons are many. After a day of letting it all sink in, I’m beginning to find some peace.

If your candidate didn’t win, I know you are likely a bit angry (or possibly very angry). If your candidate did win, you might be happy, relieved or even gloating. Admit it. Come on.

While we are clearly a very divided nation at this time, we have choices to make every day and in every interaction we face with other humans. After finding myself feeling hopeless, I realized that I could take a different approach to my struggle with all of this. Please know that I don’t have any belief that my ideas on this page are going to change the world in some big way. I don’t believe these things will fix so much of the hurt, the hate, the fear and the division. But, I do think that small actions can make small amounts of change. And we start right now friends.

Can we approach every single interaction with kindness and compassion? From driving in traffic to waiting in line at the store, we have the opportunity to smile, greet people, be kind and patient. Will you join me?

Anger can certainly lead to powerful action for some but anger comes rather easily. I’d love to see us all focus on inspiring ourselves and others to be kind, make change supporting all humans, adding joy and comfort to all people in our beautiful country.

Here are a few ideas of how you can spread kindness today.

  1. Write a note to local law enforcement thanking them for treating all people equally and keeping your community safe for ALL people. Assume they are doing that well and make it clear with your words that you assume and expect that they are protecting all races, religions, socioeconomic statuses and our LGBTQ brothers and sisters. Drop off treats if you wish, but simply writing notes will suffice.
  2. Leave notes of love, kindness and peace in random places. Counteract some of the hate we are seeing in schools and other parts of our country today. I’ll be sharing a free printable here soon that you can use to help spread love in your communities.
  3. Have your child hand out notes at school with words of kindness.
  4. Thank your kids’ teachers often. Encourage them to spread kindness, compassion, love and light in the work they do each day.
  5. Carry care package bags for those in need. Hands Free Mama suggested this in her book. We’ve been doing it ever since I read it last year. We have ziplock bags filled with a few items-a snack, toothbrush and mini toothpaste, gift card, a small bottle of water, a few dollars and socks when possible. Sometimes the bags have less and other times they have more, but having them with allows us to give to those in need whenever we come across someone. I rarely carry cash so this has been a good option. You can keep one in your purse and a few in your car. They don’t even need to have much, but give what you can give.
  6. Spread messages of love and kindness on Facebook often. Include your good energy and light when you come across those you disagree with. You can do it! Facebook has become incredibly gross. I’m so disappointed in many people. The messages can change there. Encourage all others to spread love and goodness on Facebook too! And thank those who share positive, uplifting, loving messages.
  7. Send messages of gratitude to people working hard for causes that help others, especially those doing the hard work. My dear friend works for the ACLU. Her work is not always appreciated, but I feel safer knowing she (and her colleagues) will protect the civil rights of all Americans.
  8. Consider donating time and money to nonprofit organizations doing good work. Let me know if you’d like me to share a list.
  9. Ask people who supported a candidate different from you to join you in spreading love and kindness. Ask them to fight against hatred with you.
  10. Write to our leaders and lawmakers. Encourage them. Ask them to make change. Thank them.
  11. Pray for our leaders if you pray. Meditate on loving kindness for all if that’s your thing. Send love and light to our leaders regularly. They will all need our positive energy. Please send these things to those you disagree with too. Our new president is going to need all of our love and light to attempt to run this divided country.
  12. Say “hello” with a smile and “thank you” with true gratitude. Use your voice for good with all you come across. This can be a vulnerable act, but do it and let’s not stop ever!
  13. Help the mother with three kids struggling at the grocery store. Offer to carry bags for the elderly person walking to her car. Make sure your LGBTQ neighbors know you love and support them always. Make sure your Muslim neighbors feel welcome and cared for. Make sure all you come across know that you have love in your heart for them as a member of the human race.
  14. Love all of the children. Give that extra underdog. Offer snacks to all of the kids playing in your backyard (with their parents’ permission, of course). Invite people to play, to laugh, to eat, to drink, to celebrate, to mourn. Create community even with those you don’t yet know well. Introduce everyone whenever you can.
  15. Include everyone as often as possible. Do your best. You can’t always do it perfectly, but try.
  16. See the beauty in everyone and say it out loud to someone. Take a moment to think of something beautiful or wonderful about someone you might feel angry at following the election outcome. You might be surprised how much better you feel after writing down the good traits in people. Then, take it a step further and share it with them.

I quickly whipped together mine this morning and I had a huge smile on my face. I felt so grateful for so many wonderful people and my list could’ve went on and on. Here’s mine just so you can see how simple this could be.

  • Ezra is feisty, yet has the most compassionate spirit. He knows when someone is sad and tries to help often.
  • Bodhi has energy and excitement unlike anyone I’ve ever known. He’s also incredibly determined.
  • My husband can see the positive in any situation and calmly helps me to find my way when sadness and sorrow take over.
  • Alyssa is passionate and unrelenting in her beliefs. She loves deeply.
  • My aunt Janny is a peacemaker. Oh how we need more like her!
  • My friend Megan has an incredible spirit. She instantly makes everything more fun.
  • My sweet Surbhi adds joy and sunshine to every moment. Her existence is a huge comfort for me.
  • Sejal‘s laugh gives me instant joy. I can’t help but hug her (asking first, of course) after seeing her belly laugh.
  • My dear friend Jana works harder than anyone I know to fight for equality for all. She hasn’t stopped in all the years I’ve known her and I know she won’t stop until the fight for equality for all is complete.
  • Leah always does the right thing and encourages others to do the same. She assumes positive intent from everyone.
  • Kari, oh Kari! I love my Kari! She adds humor to every situation. Her friendship is something I’ll never take for granted.
  • My other Kari (pronounced Car-EE) adds joy to my Fridays, is my best playdate friend ever and is often my confidant about all the things.
  • Tiffany helps me see different perspectives and allows me to be vulnerable in a safe place. She helps me to stay grounded. LOVE!
  • My mama takes action to help others with her talents. She cleans my uncle’s home so he can come to a clean house after hospital stays and cooks comfort food for others.

The list could truly go on and on. Try it. It’s such a simple thing and for me, had incredible healing power. You can choose to only focus on those you are feeling at peace with right now as it will remind you of the good in the world. You can tackle the harder ones later, but I promise you one thing. There is beauty in everyone. EVERYONE.

Will you join me friends? Can you share any other ideas below or on our Facebook page please? I’d be so grateful for any help making this list longer.

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