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After realizing recently that our dining room chairs are really not very kid-friendly, I randomly posted them on Craigslist and sold them for a solid price within an hour. Oops! I started regretting it almost right away and worrying that it was a bad decision.

Here they are in all of their Christmas-time glory!

But then I found these cute and simple Klismos chairs that can be WASHED!

While the Ikea covers are technically washable, you can rarely get them fully clean and in a typical night, B wipes his hands on the chair at least once right after dinner before I can get him to a sink to wash his hands. They also come out really wrinkled and I just don’t have time to be ironing chair covers every few days.

The old chairs covered a bit more than half of the cost of the new ones and we had a $100 West Elm credit, so we aren’t paying much out-of-pocket, but now I ask a big question. How do I get a large bright and beautiful white dining table?

via West Elm

Can I paint the Ikea one we have with good results? Or do I go for this beauty from West Elm even though it means we wait a while (probably a long while)? The West Elm one has beautiful texture that is definitely tempting me, but I’m a do-it-yourself kind of gal. I might just go for it on the Ikea table which is still in great shape. I already have special primer that works on Ikea finishes. I’ll just need to pick up paint and lacquer.

The chairs will be here Wednesday. Please, please, please let me love them! And please let me know your thoughts on the table.

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