I’ve started to feel like wrapping gifts or using disposable gift bags is a bad idea for me. If you must, I do have a post with an idea for storing gift wrap in a pretty cute way coming soon, but wanted to share a recent find. 

Home Goods, my absolute favorite store to kill some time in has a lot of great finds for kids. I recently stopped in there to look at lamps and came across the above basket with the attached little chalk board and many other similar items.

We had a gift picked out for a friend’s child whose birthday was months ago, but I hadn’t yet wrapped it because we couldn’t make it to the party.

We also had another party coming soon. I looked at the price tag for the basket and it was $5.99. OK, it’s a bit tacky to share this here since my friend may be reading this, but I couldn’t believe it. A gift bag can cost anywhere from $1.99 to $4.99 and with tissue paper and a card, it’s the same price! I decided to go for it and skip a card.

Then I found this little suitcase, also priced at $5.99. What?!

Bodhi has some mini suitcases in his room and he loves carrying them around pretending he is going on an airplane or “to daddy’s work.”

I have no idea if these things will be interesting to the two little birthday sweeties, but I love the idea of using something that can be reused or repurposed rather than a bag, or worse yet, gift wrap which most people just throw away. At least most people reuse gift bags. Would your kids use these things if they came with a birthday gift? I’d love to know.

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