Estate sales are cool. Some would even say fancy, but when you put the word “garage” or “yard” in front of the word “sale,” it doesn’t necessarily spark me or probably any of you to think “fancy!”

But, wanted to throw a shameless plug out there for a HUGE sale that my friends, family and I are putting on tomorrow morning. I’m calling it a neighborhood sale. Sounds a little better, I think. A few of the fancier items include many wedding decorations including the centerpiece and plum tealight holders in the photo above, a brand new with tags on wedding gown and costume jewelry.

Check out our little neighborhood sale website for photos of some of the items. The garage and entire driveway at the hosting house is packed, so there is a lot more than the website shows. You can visit us on the 3300 block of Stinson Boulevard in NE Minneapolis. Stop by to do a little shopping or to just say “hello!”

Live the fancy life!