Tracking PixelMy #12houradventure with Caribou Coffee and my high school friendsI am one lucky mama! I went on a trip with my high school friends this past weekend, leaving Ezra for the first time, and it was exactly what I needed. I started my day off with Caribou Coffee’s Crafted Press and I’m excited to share my weekend as a part of a sponsored post with Caribou Coffee today. This is my #12houradventure. What’s yours?

A ladies weekend away

My trip started with easy packing. I typically pack for our entire family including two little boys, one in diapers. Packing for just me was easy, fun and fast.

A weekend away

A weekend away

I woke up at 6, got ready, got the boys ready and then we set off. I packed my bags and headed for the car. We dropped the boys off at childcare and I was off to the airport.

Off on an adventure

I flew alone. I love flying and enjoyed going at a leisurely pace, sipping Caribou Coffee’s Crafted Press, reading a magazine and enjoying the airport time. The airport, especially MSP International, has always been my favorite place. I love the energy and enjoy knowing that people are traveling to and from all over the world.

Flying is my jam. I LOVE it. Minneapolis looks beautiful from the sky.

After landing, I quickly set out to find my friends. The four of them were already together and as I saw them, I knew the day was about to get fun.


Our first adventure was a relaxing one. We went for massages at a spa. This was the perfect afternoon in my book. I also had time to have some good conversations with my beautiful friends who I rarely get to talk to uninterrupted (thank you beautiful children!).

Georgetown fun

Then we drove to Georgetown for dinner and exploring.

My 12 hour adventure

We followed that up with some night time visits to the monuments in Washington D.C. I’ve been there many times, but never with friends and never at night.

My 12 hour adventure

Caribou Coffee’s Crafted Press was the perfect fuel as I left Minneapolis and set out on an adventure. I always choose Caribou Coffee. I love that it’s headquartered here in Minnesota, but it’s also delicious. It was a chill fun easy-going day, just like summer should be.

Caribou Coffee created their new Crafted Press to be the perfect fuel for your every-day adventures, with bold coffee to keep you awake and a touch of sweetness to keep you refreshed.

Caribou Coffee takes 12 hours to cold steep their coffee because they love serving the best to their guests. That made them wonder “What motivates you for 12 hours?” So grab your camera and a Crafted Press and share your adventure with the world using #12hrAdventure.

I’m ready for another adventure. Next up: A trip to Hawaii with my husband this fall. After that, I’d love to do a trip with my college friends and a family trip this winter. Traveling means the world to me. :)


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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Caribou Coffee. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the fabulous local brands that make Live the Fancy Life possible. 

Photos by Sabrina Reis Photography

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