It feels like I was just introducing you all to our brand new bundle of joy. And somehow, he is three today! Three whole years have gone by and yet it feels like just yesterday. At the same time, I don’t even remember life before him, before he made us a family. Happy happy birthday to my sweet B! UPDATE: To see the entire dinosaur party, click here and here.

We celebrated Bodhi’s third birthday with a fun party surrounded by so many wonderful family and friends on Saturday. Bodhi wanted a dinosaur birthday so we came up with a simple plan filled with color using Oh Joy for Target products (most of these ones are discontinued) and other store-bought goodness.

I didn’t hire a photographer this year for many reasons. First, I wanted to save our photography budget for family photos this summer with our new baby and our big boy. Second, I didn’t go all out. This party is not magazine worthy. It probably won’t be featured on any big sites like last year and his first birthday party, but it was filled with fun and energy. That’s what matters.

And I wasn’t stressed at all this year. I let my family help with set up, clean up and more. My friend Kari made 40 plus “dinosaur egg” cake pops (minus the stick) and even brought decor to make our cake stand look like a nest.

It was lovely. And having and accepting help is awesome. I’ve learned my lesson. My family and friends are SO capable of helping and SO good at it. I never would’ve thought of the nest idea. Thankful to have talented friends. Oh, and those dinosaur eggs were delicious. I may or may not have eaten five. Don’t judge!

I’ll stop by again soon to share more of this party. I think this one will definitely inspire you to simplify a bit and find creative ways to use store-bought items for a party that still looks pretty custom and handmade.

It felt great to just enjoy my time with everyone and celebrate our little Bodhi. Cheers to a new week!

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