Most people have heard of Minted and their amazing photo cards. But, do you know that Minted also carries fantastic home decor items including art, fabric and more?

I have so many things from Minted on my wish list this year. The art selection is amazing and the prices are reasonable. My friend and I have both joked about our own homes. Her home is filled with “word vomit” as she affectionately calls it. My home is filled with “mirror vomit” as I penned in a text message conversation about art. I have 12 mirrors in my home right now. TWELVE! I always default to mirrors when I need to fill a large space. I think that we’ve both struggled to find large scale art for our homes that we love. Minted is my solution!

I recently purchased this print from Minted for our family room makeover and it is perfection. I love that all of the art comes in many sizes including very large sizes and you have the option of adding a frame which is a nice option when shopping for large art.

Minted also carries party supplies. I plan to purchase their products for our annual Very Merry Cocktail party. I hosted a big twin baby shower gender reveal this past weekend and while it all turned out lovely, it was a ton of work. I had help from my mom, aunt and grandma and still felt really busy during the weeks leading to the party. I want to simplify the cocktail party a bit this year and I think the party decor from Minted allows me to do that without sacrificing quality and that festive feel I crave.

And their fabric! Oh the fabric. It inspires me to make pillows and drapes and more. From playful to pretty to sophisticated, Minted has you covered on fabric. My favorite feature is that you can choose from a variety of colors on almost every style.

These watercolor clouds are so beautiful. If I decide to add drapes to Ezra’s room, this fabric wins.

There is just too much eye candy and so many ways to bring unique decor to the home. You will certainly be seeing Minted products in our family room in the coming months.

What are your favorite Minted products?

Disclaimer: I received Minted credit in exchange for this post, but as always, all opinions are my own. 

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