I am going to be writing all about my home design style dilemma in the coming weeks and will give you many fun links to home design style quizzes. I’ve taken them all! I’ve learned that I love and appreciate way too many styles and I’m trying to marry them all in one house. My house, that is. And while we need to change a few things to make it all work, I finally have a plan in place.

See above for a few examples. Our walnut mid-century modern style entertainment center from Room and Board near a classic white foyer table. Just a couple of examples you will find in our home.

For home design and decor, I love it all. I love modern and industrial styles. I love some classic and traditional styles. I love some farmhouse styles and vintage or antique items. I love eclectic things and items you find while traveling. I love mid-century modern furniture pieces and lines, but then I love me some Ikea too!

I really am all over the board. But as I’ve gotten older and wiser, I know a few things that matter to me when it comes to home design. I only buy items I love, love, love. When in doubt, stick to white! White makes me so happy. When I’m debating about a fabulous colored item or wondering if we should get something wooden for a major purchase, unless I’m 100% sure, I go with white. The result: A bright inviting home. Lots of messes everywhere thanks to our toddler, but we get a lot of light bouncing off of our white furniture pieces.

I’ll be discussing this more, but I’d love to hear more about your style. What do you think of when you think of your style? Does your home reflect your style? Are you torn like I am?

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