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Every year, right after Christmas, I get the itch to brighten up, freshen up and tidy up our home. I’m ready to let go of Christmas decor and I’m ready to start adding springy elements even though Spring is months away.

As we slowly furnish/finish our home in a more permanent way, I’ve learned something about myself.

While I can appreciate so many styles, my style is more simple, classic and traditional than I ever would’ve guessed. The more I embrace that, the less I regret my buying decisions. I’ve had some big “mistakes” in our home including our formal living room (the furniture was all too small), our buffet (I’m just not a midcentury modern girl even though I love it when I see it) and some art. What is your style?

Buffet art Lindsey Letters

I’ve learned that I love traditional finishes. I’ve learned that our foyer table is the one spot in our home that is exactly “me” when it comes to design style.

Life the Fancy Life Editorial_110

I love the clean white combined with some traditional finishes like the legs on the table and I love all of the pops of color and texture in the frames, plus images and phrases that hold meaning for our family.

Life the Fancy Life Editorial_109

If my design style could be summed up in one word, it would be “Fresh.” I have started asking myself if the object, art, item I’m about to purchase feels/looks fresh. If the answer is no, it goes back on the shelf. When I say “fresh,” I don’t mean that it’s original or new. I just mean that it feels fresh and bright and light. 

Design style

It’s funny to look back at really old posts and see what I was going for then and how much my style and design sense has changed.

Life the Fancy Life Editorial_004

Our old house, for example, was filled with dark furniture, dark walls and more. This house is bright and white.

Bright white

It’s always interesting to chat about style. I have a close friend who just built a house who also hast this sense of loving so many styles, but not always knowing her own style. I’m starting to see that some of that comes down to simply accepting that I can appreciate so many styles, but only a few are really styles I want to live with. It’s hard. Every time I look at Amber’s house (click through. You won’t regret it!) I think I want a new modern house with all midcentury furnishings and finishes. It’s just that beautiful!

Let’s hear about your style. What challenge have you had when determining your style? Do you and your spouse or roommates agree on style?

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