Happy Mother’s Day to all of you moms out there. I hope your days were filled with hugs, kisses and lots of coffee!

Last year at this time I was a brand new mom. I hadn’t learned much about Bodhi yet and my husband and I had absolutely no idea what was in store. We were living in the moment trying to figure it all out. One of these days, I may share our birth story and I may talk a bit about my experience in the first three months of Bodhi’s life. This year was so different. Bodhi is ONE! He talks a bit and communicates with head nods and nonverbals. He eats everything and loves it. I can’t imagine my life any other way. We had brunch on our new porch this morning with both of our moms and my grandma.

Bodhi napped with my husband and I for nearly two hours. Bliss! We played at the park and ran around the soccer field. All day, I felt blessed and thankful for all that we have. And while Bodhi is always changing and I’ll never stop learning about him, he and I are in a wonderful place! It’s a wild and fun life filled with playtime and singing and dancing and lots and lots of running around chasing this little guy, and it is perfect for our little family!

How did you celebrate?