For today’s Monday {momday}, I am so excited to introduce you all to Ann of Busy Little Baby. The photo below was taken at the Minnesota Children’s Museum and features Ann’s son “E.” I though the quote was fitting as we welcome Ann and her perspective to live the fancy life today! Enjoy! ♥Jessica


{photo credit---Busy Little Baby}


Hello! My name is Ann and I blog over at Your [Twin Cities] Guide to Keeping Busy with your BabyNot from the Twin Cities? No problem! I often write about things you can do at your home or in any city with your baby. 

Today I wanted to share a list of the top 5 things to do with your baby—some are at home and some will help you get OUT of your home! 

1—Bring your baby to story time
Babies LOVE to be read to, but, if you’re like me, you may already be sick of all of your books at home. Story time is a great place for babies to get some social playtime with other babies and children. Plus they love the vibrant interaction that a storyteller normally showcases. The best part…. story time is almost always FREE at your local library or bookstore. 

MN mamas: Our favorite story time is BABY story time at the Red Balloon Bookshop on Grand Ave. at 10:30 a.m. every Tuesday morning and the first Saturday of every month.

2—Find a mommy and me class
Whether you have mommy friends or not, it’s always nice to get together with other moms, dads or caregivers with babies of similar ages. Babies love other babies. They can play and interact with each other while you swap sleep strategies and funniest baby moments. Try going through your local school district Early Family Child Education programs, hospitals, or prenatal|newborn education businesses. 

MN mamas:  Here is a list of weekly drop in classes

3—Head to the Farmers Market
Babies need to be introduced and exposed to many different objects, shapes, textures, patterns and the list goes on and on. As parents we need to enrich their sensory experiences and what better place to do that than the Farmer’s Market? If your baby is now eating solids, let them help pick out a rainbow of vegetables to help make healthy eating fun. Locally grown fruits and vegetables are also a wonderful option to use when making your own baby food. Make sure to stock up to freeze and store for those out of season months.

4—Have a backyard picnic
Sometimes taking your baby away from home is a LOT of work. At the same time, being cooped up in the house all day can drive you crazy. A picnic in the backyard is the perfect combination! Pack your lunch like you were leaving home, even bust out the picnic basket. Pack a bag for baby too… a blanket, some toys {babies LOVE bubbles} and don’t forget a hat if it’s sunny. Then set up your picnic in your backyard and enjoy! The best part—If baby is fussy or the weather turns bad, you are just a few steps away from home!

{photo credit---Ann of Busy Little Baby}

5—Have a baby fashion show and photo shoot
You don’t need a professional photographer to get great shots of your baby! Try having a baby fashion show and photo shoot at home with your little one.  Crank the Rock-A-Bye Baby and use all those adorable (or NOT so adorable) outfits you received. Also grab a neutral color blanket, perhaps a boppy pillow or bumbo for propping and head to a well lit room with natural light. Then take as many shots and as many outfit changes as you want until you get that perfect smile!   

Thank you Ann for contributing to live the fancy life! Everyone—check out Busy Little Baby for more great tips on getting out with baby!

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