Lately, I’ve been on more of a money-saving kick than usual. Maybe it’s the holidays or maybe it’s just that I’m wanting to save more so we have more of a cushion—so important when you have a baby. I prefer not to buy anything without a coupon since they are so readily available online, in the Sunday paper and through email. I’m also all about shopping on discount websites to save, save, save and keep my cash in my diaper bag!

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Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a super coupon mom like some, but a few dollars here and there add up. And for those moms who literally clip coupons and even make money at the store, this will not be that helpful. I think my guide is more for the moms who want to casually, without much effort, save a few dollars or for new moms who haven’t yet learned of a few shopping wonders! 

These tips may even help with your last minute holiday shopping. Santa shopped for Bodhi on recently! ;)

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Here are my practical, simple, anyone-can-do-it, money-saving tips and websites.

Sign up for Amazon Mom—Unfortunately Amazon isn’t currently accepting new members… probably because the program is almost too good to be true. It includes free two-day shipping on almost everything and if you combine this with “Subscribe and Save” which I’ll talk about next, you can save up to 30 percent on necessities and you won’t have to think about it. I order Keurig K cups on here for the best price I’ve found yet. Deal alert—while you wait to get notified of Amazon Mom openings, use this free one-month trial to be an Amazon Prime member which will give you free 2-day shipping!

Amazon Subscribe and Save—we signed up for Subscribe and Save for necessities such as Seventh Generation diapers, Seventh Generation baby wipes, organic baby food and more. I’ve figured out how often we need each item, they arrive a little early and we never run out. Combined with Amazon Mom, we save at least 20 percent on cases of diapers and wipes and several dollars per case of Earth’s Best organic baby food. Plus we get free 2-day shipping. The best part is that you can literally cancel anytime or change the shipping dates as needed.

Zulily—I think almost every mom knows about Zulily, but this time of year, it’s great to look at the deals daily. We’ve found several gifts for our son and others on this website. Everything from strollers and carseats to beautiful clothes, shoes and pajamas to wood toys and socks including brands like trumpette—up to 90 percent off. And it’s not just for stuff for our little ones! There are many great deals on items for the home, clothing, shoes, boots, accessories, maternity clothing and more.  Coupon code alert—apparently you get 10 percent off a purchase of $30 or more right now by using code SHOPMOM875. Enjoy!

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Mamabargains—Honestly, I haven’t actually purchased anything on mamabargains. I don’t buy things just to buy them, so I usually stick to items I’m looking for and purchase them on Amazon or Zulily if they become available, but this site can be great too. Mamabargains posts one deal at a time and you never know how long it will be there. I generally don’t find things I want, but I know some moms who LOVE it. And the random grab bags they put out every once in a while have been a lot of fun for a few of my mama-friends.

Vista Print—Free stuff, cheap stuff and more! We recently ordered two personalized calendars as Christmas gifts, 10 holiday cards, 140 address labels and an address stamp for… FREE! All we had to pay was shipping. Vista Print is great for many things, so definitely worth checking out.

Groupon, Living Social and Plum District all survive on the same concept, but Plum District really seals the deal for me! I have purchased from all three and find Plum District to have the most relevant amazing deals! Thanks to Ann from Life with the Hagens for getting me hooked! Everything from discounts to museums or shows to gift cards for shops at discounted rates. Recently they even had $35 for $50 at Zulily and combined with a Facebook coupon for $5 off, you only had to pay $30 to do some serious shopping! These flew off the Plum District shelf… er web page and I missed the opportunity.

Last, I never buy anything online without finding a free shipping code and often, I include a discount code unless I’m really in a crunch and need something in particular. Retail Me Not is a great option, but there are literally hundreds of options. With a baby, I just don’t have the time to hit the mall and shops as often or for as long and when I know what I want, I find that places like Amazon offer just what I need at a big savings!

There are many other sites including, and that have some great discount opportunities, but I’ll address those another day as they aren’t quite as impressive. I am probably missing a ton of opportunities, but I am semi-actively recruiting a friend who is a serious money-saving mama to guest blog in the coming weeks and months, so there could be some great money-saving tips for you coming soon! If it exists, she knows it!

Mamas—do you have money-saving tips or favorite websites not mentioned here? Please share in the comments!

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