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Let’s be honest! Weekends are not made for relaxing if you are a new mom or dad. They are also not made for going out, enjoying long slow dinners with a glass of wine or anything close and most of the time, I’m more than ok with that. But somehow we all need to find a way to refresh before another busy week. Here are five pretty basic ways my husband and I have found for refreshing before another long work week.

1. Cat naps (or any naps)
Our son is not a great sleeper, so we don’t get to nap when he does. Recently we’ve started taking turns having short naps if needed. Even a 20 minute nap can make a huge difference. Last night, we both had a lovely 25 minute nap when we got home from visiting friends and Bodhi was still asleep. We have learned that moving our son to the house NEVER works. Never. So we both decided to roll with it. We tried to take naps in the car (with the car running and Bodhi’s “sleep music” on) and that nap made a huge difference. Two tired, sluggish people turned into fairly energetic parents for our normal dinner/bedtime routine.

2. A shot of alone time
I’ve found that even 15 minutes of alone time at home can be so perfect! This weekend, I spent that time browsing pinterest for inspiration and we all know there is no shortage of inspiration there. I emerged from our office as a woman ready to tackle the rest of our Saturday tasks and ready to play and snuggle with our 8 month old all day long.

{beautiful and delicious dessert table at the Found Event. Dessert table by Cocoa and Fig}

3. A night out
Early in my time as a new mom, I felt guilty leaving for any period of time even though my sweet husband was always very encouraging. Even now, I prefer to spend my time with Bodhi and my husband. But, I know that it’s important to get out sometimes. I’ve learned that even an hour or two with girl friends can make a big difference in my outlook and in helping me get reinspired. And the same rule applies to my husband. Friday night, I attended a super fun event with a dear friend followed by a light dinner and a glass of wine. I left dinner feeling excited about life and really excited to see my hubby. Oddly, I was even kind of excited for Bodhi to wake up for the first time that night (lately it’s been extra rough due to ear infections and teething). Apparently the old saying is true! Absence makes the heart grow fonder—even when it comes to missing sleep? It appears so.

 4. A nice cup of tea and a heat pack
A hot cup of delicious herbal tea and a heat pack before bed have been pretty fabulous for us lately. After lugging a 20 pound little man around all weekend, we both have aching backs, so a heat pack not only relaxes us, but also takes care of the muscle aches. And my favorite teas, Good Earth original and Aveda, give me a reason to relax and when enjoyed with my favorite mug, it feels a bit luxurious!

How do you refresh on the weekends? Share your tips with other mamas! We all need a little R&R!

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