I am a big fan of telling people you’re pregnant in an interesting way. We tried, but got a little impatient when telling our parents. Here are a few tips for sharing the exciting news with those you love.

Idea #1—Send a card to surprise everyone.

We did this with a large group of our family using the card below from Tiny Prints. We couldn’t wait to tell our parents, so we told them in a different way. I’ll share that shortly. The card directed everyone to call us right away. It was beyond fun to put a stamp on, drop them off at the post office and wait for all of the calls.

The front:

And here is the inside sharing the good news about Bodhi!

Idea #2—Start a blog, announce your pregnancy in the first post and get video of people reading it.

This was an idea that came out of our impatience. We started a blog about our baby—on it, we chronicled our pregnancy, baby bump photos, travel, ultrasound pics and videos including one of our parents finding out and one of us when we first found out we were having a boy. We had our parents check out “my new blog” with them thinking I was just starting some other kind of blog. I’m super embarrassed to show this video as our office was a disaster at the time, I was in workout clothes and my mom wasn’t very happy about not having makeup on, but I got her on a lazy Sunday afternoon in the fall—football anyone? I decided to share the video anyway. :)

Idea #3—Wear your announcement.

Wear a shirt saying you’re pregnant or if you are having your second child, have your first wear something super cute like this “big bro” shirt from etsy seller Round the bend again.

{photo credit---Round the bend again on etsy}

Idea #4—Buy a car.

Just kidding, but if you are already buying a car, you could put a carseat in the back and show your parents the new car. One of my close friends did this with her parents and they were SHOCKED! She also got video of it. So cute!

Idea #5—Personalized grandparent stuff.

There are so many cool things on etsy that you can certainly find the perfect solution. Buy a “grandpa” mug for your dad who is a coffee lover or a super cheesy “grandma” shirt for your mom or an “uncle” hat for your brother. Or you could buy a Thanksgiving baby outfit and share it with your family when you sit down for Thanksgiving dinner.

Idea #6—Frame the ultrasound photo, wrap it up and give it as a gift.

It is just as I said above. Pretty simple and pretty obvious. This could be fun in a large group at Christmas.

How did you share the good news? Live the fancy life!

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