When B shows people things I either made, put together or even just picked out at a store, I get credit for making it as he shows off whatever new item it is. It’s pretty darn fantastic that when I buy a light from Lowes, B tells guests “mommy made it.” Can’t beat that for credit!

There is nothing tricky or particularly creative about this project, but it was inexpensive and anyone could do it at home with about an hour of total free time so is very much worth showing. I painted one lamp using three coats of paint and each coat took about 10 minutes (or less). Speedy!

I painted one of our two lamps in our master bedroom. I chose Valspar’s fashion week. And skipped the primer. The first coat was pretty terrible.

But the second coat (above right) was a huge improvement.

And here are the before and after shots.

I don’t love it. But, it’s definitely better than it was before and I spent $2.95 on paint. That’s it. It was a cheap Walmart lamp from years ago that needed a facelift. I’m going to leave it for a few days and see if it grows on me before either picking a new color or painting my husband’s side to match. What do you think? Be honest. Oh, and don’t be afraid to comment, K?