We have some big changes happening over here and in the chaos of it all, I’m trying to create spaces and systems for calm. Our snack cabinet is stocked fully. My husband and I have a combined Instacart account for easy grocery shopping, laundry is caught up (temporarily anyway), we have removed much of our clutter and unwanted items and we are working on creating a master bedroom that feels like a space for rest and rejuvenation.

We’ve had our hearts set on a king size bed for some time now and we are finally ready to make it happen. But as a design lover, I knew we had to have a plan for the room before buying anything. I wanted our room to feel clean and bright and modern, but I want to incorporate some texture to make it feel cozy as well. The braided rug and the rattan side tables plus the woven lights add texture. The bed and chair add a modern clean feel and the bedding we are considering is incredibly soft and luxurious. We’ll also be adding a tray that will be the spot we set any stray water cups and dishes so we can easily carry them down to the kitchen. We are keeping our current dressers and some of our current art. I’ll be adding sconces above the nightstands for reading. While it’s not perfect and we haven’t actually purchased anything yet, this is definitely the direction we are going for our bedroom, our place for respite.

Our upper porch is accessible from our bedroom as well and we’ve had our eye on these swing chairs from Serena & Lily. I’ve found some budget friendly options for this look that I think we’ll do yet this summer. That’s it! We’ll gradually be making changes in these spaces and I’ll be sure to capture some before and after shots. What’s important to you in your master bedroom? For me, I want our bedroom to feel like a vacation home on Maui, to be specific. :)