Photographers I love

I recently posted our family photo session to Facebook and posted our newborn session this summer. Both times I received SO many questions about our wonderful photographers.


I want to start off by saying that I have found the investment in photography to be 100 percent worth it. I care a lot about capturing these times in our lives and paying for really amazing photographers is worth it to me. I’ve had friends who have used less expensive photographers and been very disappointed. By the time you pay the smaller fees twice, you have the money you need to invest in a rockstar photographer like the following people. I know that not everyone can make photography fit in their budgets, but if you can, I highly recommend you invest in someone who is a great fit for your family.

Photo by Melissa Oholendt

While this is pretty specific to our Minnesota readers, I wanted to share all of the photographers who have worked with our family. I can personally recommend each of these people and can guarantee you will be happy with your images if you hire them.

Baby Bodhi

While there are SO many fantastic photographers in the Twin Cities area that I love and want to work with, I’m going to focus on the ones who have actually photographed our family since I can attest to their ability to work with children, their quality etc… After doing so many sessions with my family, I’ve learned that Lifestyle sessions at home work best for us and the images are ones I treasure beyond anything. With that said, some people really prefer the perfectly posed smiling at the camera type of images. All of these photographers can handle both styles. 

Amazing photographers


Our favorite photographers

Minnesota photographers I’ve worked with and LOVE

Melissa Oholendt Photography

All photos above are by Melissa.

Melissa has photographed our family four times. She did our first session as a family when Bodhi was 6 months old (above). She also did Bodhi’s cow party, our family session in the Summer and our recent Christmas family session. She will likely photograph Ezra’s first birthday too which has me pretty excited! Melissa’s photos are light, bright and gorgeous all the time. She makes everything look like it should be in a magazine. She is also very calm and easy to be around even when your kids are acting like little freaks and you’re a big ball of stress. :) Melissa is simply fantastic.

Amazing photographers

Gina Zeidler Photography

Gina and I worked together at our corporate jobs a few years back so my comfort level with her was always very high. Her photos are stunning. She is incredible with children. She is not afraid to act silly and she moves as much as she needs to keep up with wild littles. Gina did our fall family photos when Bodhi was 18 months old. The images are SO beautiful!

Photo by Melissa Oholendt

Now to the other Gina in our lives.

Baby gender reveal photography with black and white confetti poppers. Maternity family photo.

Gina Lang Photography

The above photo and the following images.

Baby gender reveal photography with black and white confetti poppers. Maternity family photo. Big brother. Super man. Boy mama.

Gina is another one who is SO good with kids. Bodhi loves working with her. She did our gender reveal photos and some photos this fall for my Ariat Boots post and Pulsar watches post.

Baby gender reveal for second child. Confetti poppers.

Fall style with Pulsar watches. #lifeinrealtime

Leah Fontaine Photography

Leah came highly recommended from Gina Zeidler who I trust completely when it comes to comfort and photo quality. I knew Leah was a great choice even though I had never worked with her before. She is warm and very personable, so my comfort level with her was high very quickly after she arrived.

Mommy and baby. Newborn photos.

Let me start by saying that I was eight days postpartum for this session. Pretty much no new mama feels great that soon after. I was nervous about the session, but Leah absolutely knows how to work with new moms and their bodies. She did subtle things like placing me slightly behind my husband or positioning the baby just so to get more flattering images. This is something not all photographers do or know about.

Newborn baby photos.

Leah has four children and just really knows how to work with families. Bodhi enjoyed her and even though he had a pretty rough day, he talked about Leah for weeks after our session with her. We opted for more of a lifestyle session with Leah, but she is also very capable of producing amazing posed newborn images so you can do those with her or a combo. Jenna from Eat Drink Pretty just had a session in the past few weeks and had both types of images.

Ezra newborn photos. Brothers

We skipped newborn photos with Bodhi and I’m so thankful we invested in them this time around. You can never get that time back and although I have a puffy postpartum face and belly and was exhausted, I will never be in that moment again. These images remind me of that day and time which already feels so long ago.

My thoughts on having a second baby. Newborn photography. Leah Fontaine Photography

I will forever be grateful for Leah photographing our family at a fairly vulnerable time in my life.

De La Vue Photography


I have only worked with Rachel once, but my friends and neighbors have all worked with her often and she has consistently produced great images. I also am so appreciative of the work she does with Nora’s Network, my friend’s nonprofit organization dedicated to helping students with Autism in our school district. Rachel has three children and it is obvious in the way she interacts with our children. Besides doing family sessions, mini sessions and more, Rachel does quite a bit of editorial work. She is definitely someone you should consider for photos.

Canary Grey Photography

Bodhi's first birthday party. A turning point in our sleep struggles.

Wing photographed Bodhi’s first birthday.

Since then, Wing has changed her focus quite a bit and I’m honestly not even sure if she does families or lifestyle work anymore, but I wanted to mention that I have worked with her and really enjoyed our experience.

A few photographers I plan to work with while my children are little include most of the above plus Joe Pollock Films (video and photos), Jen Meneghin Photography, Cadence and Eli plus my friend and neighbor who is just starting out, Sabrina Reis Photography. I’ve also had a lot of friends use Callie V Photography and have really beautiful images as a result. She has two boys, so I know she can handle working with active children.

I am lucky to be in the same social circles with so many fabulous photographers and I could go on and on and on about the ones I mentioned today and more, but I’m going to stick with this crew for now. For weddings, I would add Laura Ivanova and our wedding photographer, Eliesa Johnson.

Feel free to email me with questions or leave a comment. I’m always happy to chat about preparing for sessions etc… Have a great day!