Editor’s note: I’m working my way to blogging regularly again. There are fun things happening behind the scenes here. We recently had Tim Edwards, an incredibly talented local actor and my neighbor, cover the Midnight Sun movie prescreen and press conference for us. Tim is a senior at Maple Grove High School. Enjoy reading about Tim’s experience.

Left to right: Patrick Schwarzenegger, Tim Edwards and Bella Thorne

First, thank you so much for this incredible opportunity to meet young actors like me, who are living out their dreams like I wish to do someday.

On a Friday evening recently, my mom and I attended the prescreen of the movie Midnight Sun. Beforehand I was able to take a picture with the two stars, Bella Thorne and Patrick Schwarzenegger. This was a great experience. After the photo opp, the my mom and I went into the theater where they were handing out posters and little tissue boxes, which for some, were very much needed.

The event included temporary tattoos, professional makeup touch-ups and fun snapchat filters. After everyone was seated, the two stars and director Scott Speer came in to announce the movie and answer some quick questions about the movie and about themselves. The director said that the filming process took only 24 days; that obviously does not include post production, just on-site work. After a few questions, the three of them left and the movie started.

The movie was very well written, directed and the acting was incredible. I have to say, as a male who is not a stranger to shedding a few tears while watching a movie, this one is quite the tear jerker. On our way out of the theater there was a woman from Midnight Sun with a note pad asking people who were leaving how they liked the movie, and still honestly trying to hold back some tears, I could only think to say, “It was really good” and jokingly she replied “That’s it?” to which I responded something like “Yeah, it’s a real tear jerker” which was a little embarrassing.  It was like that feeling you get when the cashier says, “enjoy your food” and you say, “you too.” Nonetheless, the premiere was a super cool experience.

The next day I got up early (early for a teenager on a Saturday) to drive to Mall of America for the opportunity to speak to Bella, Patrick and Scott again. Five other high school students and I were escorted downstairs to a little conference room where the three would be meeting us shortly. They walked in and began to introduce themselves when Patrick pointed to me and asked, “weren’t you at the premiere last night?”

Representing this site, I sat with the other eight people around an oval shaped conference table where we would go down the line and each of us could ask one question. I was fifth to ask a question. “So obviously your chemistry was great and Scott, you had said that they had done a chemistry read and that it was great, so [to Bella and Patrick] was that something that just came naturally to you, or was that something that you were always consciously thinking about?” I asked.

Patrick answered first. “Yes, it came pretty naturally. Like you said, the chemistry, you kind of have it or you don’t. We were friendly before the project and we became way more friendly throughout the project and we just meshed. We just really liked hanging out together and having fun and eating and filming and not filming and biking around the city and eating again and watching movies and jacuzziing,” he said. “We just did kind of everything together because we filmed this in Vancouver and it was really just us two. I mean Quinn was there sometimes and same with Rob but for our age it was mostly just us and on days off (pointing to Scott) he would literally just sleep for like twenty hours so we just hung out all the time and became really good friends and had fun.”

Bella chimed in here to say, “and Patrick is so terrible to work with and hard to look at.”

Scott then said, “you are in high school, you know, why do people end up in relationships, you either connect or you don’t”.

Patrick then finished up saying “I’ve had projects where you film and go back to your place and do your own thing on weekends, but we just wanted to hang out because we had so much fun.”

Then after the last question was asked, we were all able to take a picture with the three of them.  Before this, while we were waiting for the camera to get set up, I had jokingly asked Patrick if he was asked to do his dad’s (Arnold Schwarzenegger) impression often. To my surprise, he said “actually no, it’s not even something I hear. He’s just dad.” So, he and I joked about that for a minute and then I went up to take a picture with the three of them and Patrick complimented my glasses which felt really cool.

After we were finished in the conference room I went and watched them in the rotunda at the Mall of America where there was a huge number of fans gathered and they showed the trailer and answered questions about the movie. Most were questions that had been asked the night before or that they had already shared with us like how long it took to shoot the movie, what was their favorite scene etc.

Thank you again for this incredible opportunity.

Thanks for heading out to the prescreen for us and being here today, Tim!