The idea of meal planning has always felt overwhelming to me. But, I think it really helps to eliminate food waste and save money, plus it makes it easier to eat healthier and not have to worry about food mid-week. We have increased our vegetable intake by 200% or more in just a week. It’s so easy when it’s a part of the recipe. Less grocery store trips also=happier mom! 

We started a Pinterest board with foods we want to make and simply pick five each week and write down ingredients before hitting the store. My husband knows how to access the recipes and whoever is home first starts dinner. Easy plus way more delicious than a typical week. We felt like we were eating gourmet all of last week and will again this week thanks to a delicious plan. It’s nothing complicated, but my goodness, it makes life much easier and way tastier!

We are vegetarian, so you’ll only see vegetarian options, but still very delicious! And obviously, you can find anything on Pinterest that suits your preferred diet. Above we made Hummus-crusted tempeh (you use hummus instead of egg), chili roasted cauliflower and polenta with roasted cherry tomatoes. My food photography needs work, but with all of these delicious meals, I’ll be sure to improve.

I’m also sharing my own super vegetable filled tater tot hotdish on Eat Drink Pretty if you’re looking for something super hearty and yet very healthy.

How do you plan your meals? I’m always looking for little tips and tricks to make things easier.

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