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Our home tour: Neutral comfortable family room
We have lived in our new construction home for more than three years now. When we built, there were many things that didn’t quite make the budget and things we thought we would do later. As you probably know, later doesn’t always happen or happen when we want it to. We are just now getting around to so many of the projects on our list.
A home tour: Our white kitchen
From adding board and batten to our formal living and dining space to creating our dream laundry room, the list never ends and time, money and vision aren’t always in place when we want them to be.
A home tour: A bright mint and marble laundry room makeover
Today I want to share the projects we have taken on so far as well as our list of things to come.

A bright mint and marble laundry room makeover with Carpet One
Our laundry room was seriously a dream-come-true. We use it every single day and it’s beauty does not go unnoticed. I am still very in love with this gorgeous functional space.
Our family room and our holiday home
While this space didn’t need any renovations, it was still a pretty large project. We ended up choosing a really neutral cozy color palette and look. We love this space and spend the majority of our time here.
Basement play area
We had walls built to create a room for cat litter and french doors put on for the main space. We also added some inexpensive carpet and 12 recessed lights which made a huge impact. For now this space is one large play area.
We added a gorgeous white fence to our yard this year. I don’t have great photos to share, but this one has made our yard feel so much safer for our children.
Guest bedroom
YAY! This project just wrapped up and I can’t wait to share it with you in mid-October!
Home projects coming up
  • Kitchen island update with storage and larger seating space
  • Finish formal living and dining space with beamed ceiling, board and batten on walls, new paint, roman shades, lighting and furniture that fits the space.
  • Master bedroom finish. New king size bed, paint, lighting, furniture, rug, window treatments and decor. We haven’t touched this room yet.
  • Finish basement. This one is probably five years down the road. We have a large unfinished basement and it will be expensive. We need to save for that renovation, plus for now, the play area is invaluable during Minnesota Winters.
  • Powder room vanity replacement. We have a pedestal sink. I’d love to add a new vanity with some storage. This won’t be a very large project so could happen in the next year or two.
  • Four season porch, deck and patio. This project was going to be fairly simple and we were budgeting for it for next summer, but we have decided that we would really like to add a four season porch which increases the cost significantly. This is probably two to three years out with our new plan.
  • Mudroom built-in storage. This one is not something we need right now, but it would be nice at some point. This is probably three to five years out.

As you may be guessing, there are always projects to get done, but some are more important than others. Some things can absolutely wait, while others such as the fence which helped fix a safety issue, are more important to get done sooner. We have started prioritizing our projects based on how much value they add to our lives, our home and how much money they cost.

Home tour: Our porch

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