2009 was my best year yet!

I will never forget 2009. It was a year to remember—the year I married the love of my life. And although I may never be happier than the moment in the photo above, I know 2010 holds great things for me.

January 1 will mark the first day of another new year and for many, new year’s resolutions that may be hard to accomplish. This year, instead of focusing on the end goal as my resolution (lose 5 pounds, travel 17 times, become famous writer, wear fancy dresses every day), I am choosing to focus on my behaviors—the things I can fully conrol.

This year, I am inspired! I’m inspired to live the way I’ve always wanted to live, to fight distractions and to create the friendships and relationships I want.

My resolutions for living fancier in 2010:

Write every day!
I plan to write many stories about Minneapolis and St. Paul and how to live like a rockstar in these beautiful twin cities throughout 2010. I hope you will continue to read my words. I also plan to write more and more for

Reinstate date nights with my husband.
You know my feelings about date nights and their significance, but somehow with the craziness that was 2009—wedding planning, party planning, the holidays, I confess that I let date nights slip away. I will take my own advice and make them a bigger part of my life and I plan to get more creative when planning our date nights. For date night ideas see my date posts here and here.

Happy hours with my female friends. 
Try a local restaurant destinations for something new or try one of the following for delicious food, appetizers and affordable yet interesting bar selections.

Sample Room
2124 Marshall Street NE

428 Washington Ave N

Bar La Grassa
800 N Washington Ave

What are your resolutions for 2010? Happy new year! Live the fancy life!