I’ve had the joy of running this site, freelance writing and consulting for the past five years. I’ve been self-employed and it’s been wonderful for our family. It was more than I ever dreamed possible when starting the blog and even when leaving my last company to do this work full-time. I’ve had so many amazing opportunities come up over the years. And most importantly, I’ve had flexibility when the little ones were sick or needed me to volunteer at their schools. I could throw in laundry on my lunch break and help make life work for our family.

With all of that, there have been struggles too. When you are self-employed, you are constantly selling yourself, working hard at all hours to meet deadlines, taking on new clients whether you have capacity or not, trying hard to get social media engagement from my readers (harder than one can imagine) and I often work alone. Although I’ve had some amazing collaborations with companies and photographers over the years, I spend the majority of my days behind a computer in my home or styling shoots for the site (also alone in my home).

I’ve been considering change, specifically heading back to a team for some time now but needed the right opportunity. Since my business was doing well, it really had to be just the right thing for my career and our family. In late May, the most perfect opportunity came up at the headquarters of an amazing Minneapolis-based modern American-made home furnishings company. I accepted a job offer in mid-June and join the company this week.

I’m excited and rejuvenated and ready to go. I know this opportunity is the right one. I’ll still be here on the blog and am doing a small amount of freelancing on the side, but I’ll be very selective in the companies and brands I work with going forward. Just wanted to update you on this lovely change in direction for me. Thanks for being here over the years and please, stay awhile longer.

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