The next love photo was submitted by Melissa of Melissa Oholendt Photography. Melissa is one of the warmest kindest people I have met in a long time and she takes smokin’ hot photos! Check out this love photo of Amy and JC.
Melissa said that as a photographer, you become attuned to the way people interact in front of a camera. She said it’s easy to spot when someone is doing something or posing a certain way because they know a camera is fixed on them and it’s also easy to tell when a couple does something because it’s genuinely the way they interact together.

“The little smiles, the kisses to the shoulder, the way their bodies will naturally find each other without any prompting—Amy and JC had this connection – this amazing deep connection that you don’t find often in this world, let alone with a camera in your face,” Melissa said. “They were SO into each other, and in a (to steal a line from Jerry Macguire) ‘you complete me’ kind of way.”

Live the fancy life!