I was thrilled when I received a celebration of LOVE series submission from Esther, the author of, my favorite nursery decorating blog that provided the inspiration for our baby’s nursery!

Esther said:

These are my two boys (Evan and David) who I’m thrilled to say are best friends.  I was worried when we had a second, that my oldest might be resentful of the new baby in the house, but this was far from the case.  I think they’ve loved each other since day one.  David says that when they are grown up they are going to live together in their own house.  My husband Joshua captured this perfect moment that illustrates their loving relationship.  It’s one of my favorite pictures of all time.

Thank you Esther for sharing this beautiful shot! check out Esther and her fabulous modern nursery inspiration on Twitter or on her blog. Live the fancy life!