I love local art! Our living room is filled with framed vintage Minneapolis postcards and a few from places around the world where we have traveled.

NYC postcards are always fantastic and we found a gorgeous vintage postcard on our honeymoon in Lahaina on the island of Maui!  

As everyone who reads this blog knows, I LOVE the Twin Cities despite the extremely cold temperatures this time of year and lack of mountains and oceans. We have pretty much everything else that makes any city wonderful plus we’re clean, green and filled with really awesome people!

As I searched for art for our basement family room and our son’s nursery (he’ll arrive in April, so it’s go-time on his room!), I came across a local artist whose work I have seen and admired many times.

Adam Turman creates fantastic cityscape prints by screenprint! The prints have a pretty vintage look to them and capture some of the best local and not-so-local landmarks.

LOVE HIS WORK! I plan to order this Snowy Minneapolis print for our little guy’s room.

The basement will be filled with a trio of the Nordeast, Saint Anthony Main and one other yet to be determined. This is just the look we’re going for!

Check out Adam and his work at or at many local shops including Artistic Indulgence, I like you, The Guthrie Theater and many more.     

Who is your favorite local artist? We’re headed on a short babymoon this weekend, so I’ll be posting less frequently. Live the fancy life!