Keeping our home clean and beautifulFriends, for a while now, I’ve started to finally let go a bit. I’m a lot less worried about all of the details in life and instead focus on joy. I’m simplifying in our home and in our daily lives as much as possible.

Keeping our home beautiful and pet hair freeAs the weather gets chilly and we begin to spend more time inside, I can’t help but be grateful for the roof over our heads and instead of wishing for newer, prettier, better, I’m just looking around and enjoying the reality of our home. Our home is our sanctuary. It’s imperfect, but it works for us. I recently took down a large piece of art that was lovely and replaced it with a command center which helps us to stay organized. It’s less beautiful but WAY more functional. Function is everything when it comes to a small young family with two active boys.

Keeping our home beautiful and pet hair freeWe have decorated it to be airy, bright and fresh. We have a white sofa and a soft ivory sofa. With two cats who shed a LOT and two young children, I often find myself frustrated with how quickly our floors, sofas and chairs get full of cat hair and crumbs. Over the years, we’ve tried so many things to clean up pet hair from our sofa and have no luck with anything until recently.

Keeping our home beautiful and pet hair freeOur white sofa and our hardwood floors and our rugs stay pet hair free and we can enjoy playing and living with our pets thanks to one amazing vacuum, the BISSELL® Pet Hair Eraser® which has changed the pet hair game for our sofas and chairs.

While it’s lovely to have our home clean and pet-hair free, cultivating joy in everyday life is where it’s at. Having a vacuum that works for us helps us to stress less and enjoy life, our pets and our home more. :)

Keeping our home beautiful and pet hair freeThe Pet Hair Eraser has a revolutionary tangle-free brush roll, so hair goes in the tank, instead of getting wrapped around the roller. It also has an extra-large capacity tank which is a godsend when you are in a rush vacuuming before guests come over. Our cats were actually my husband’s long before we met and he found out a few years ago that he’s allergic to them.

VacuumThe SmartSeal™ Allergen System in this vacuum helps trap dust, dander and allergens inside the vacuum and the Febreze Filter leaves freshness behind. We try to keep the house super clean so my husband’s allergies don’t act up. This vacuum helps with that.

Keeping our home beautiful and pet hair freeThis holiday season, we’ll be enjoying each other and the spirit of the season instead of stressing about the details. BISSELL® Pet Hair Eraser® helps keep your home fur free, even with pets (and kids) running around.

vacuumIf you need me, I’ll be over here vacuuming. I’m slightly addicted to the beautiful scent of our home after using this. ;)

Photos by Sabrina Reis Photography.

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