I will be on am 1500 radio today at 3 p.m. talking about what women want for holiday gifts. At first, it seemed like an easy topic to cover… I know exactly what I want and what a lot of my friends want, so should know what women want too. Not the case! I did a poll of more than 25 of my female friends and no two women were alike! Each holiday wish list was a little different from the next. Tune in to hear my picks for the best gifts for women. Here is a list of what the 25 women want most for the holidays:

  • A vacation-whether to a Minnesota bed and breakfast for just one night or a trip to Maui or Europe, women want a break from real life. Plan out every detail including a babysitter if you need one so that your important person doesn’t have to worry.
  • Jewelry-although this one always seems like the number one thing women want, I  don’t think it is any longer. Women still love jewelry, but different types than the usual. For example, several women wanted a statement necklace while others wanted classic diamond earrings. Some women even said “NO JEWELRY!” loud and clear. For this, you have to know the woman in your life to know what fits if anything.
  • An experience-a lot of the women polled actually want a night with her honey! Several people commented on a movie night, the gift of a tv show season to watch together or a great date night planned by her honey. And even better, a few women suggested couples massages or a couples spa day as the perfect gift.
  • Perfume, clothes, shoes, accessories-For this, you need to know your lady! Some women really want their favorite perfume or great clothes, while many prefer a gift card.
  • Gift cards-Yes-gifts cards are one of the top things on women’s wish lists this year, but to me they are a little impersonal. Try shaking it up a bit by giving a gift card in a nicely wrapped box with a few accessories that go with the theme of the gift card. For example, if your significant other loves shoes, wrap a DSW gift card in a shoe box with a great pair of textured tights, some dressy socks and add a gift card for a dance lesson together—all shoe themed items that make the gift a little extra special. Or with a spa or massage gift card, add in a lavender scented candle, a pair of booty slippers and the gift card for a relaxation themed gift.
  • iPods and iPod accessories-I don’t think iPods, iPhones and iPod accessories will ever not make a great gift. I personally want an iPhone bad! And many of the women polled still want a new iPod, iTunes gift cards and iPod sound docks.
  • Vintage or handmade items-Women love unique items. For some women, shopping vintage will be great. A vintage clutch or jewelry can make a unique gift and items from will satisfy several women. For this again, you really have to know the person you are buying for. I have one friend who responded with a very specific item from etsy that not every woman would want, but some would REALLY appreciate!

Lastly, the fanciest gift of all is a gift that is given with nothing but the person in mind. Make it personal and sprinkle in just a little extra effort to make the gift feel like an experience! Live the fancy life!