A toddler with a cold for one full week (and some rough nights), then me with a sinus infection for a full week, planning to be on jury duty last week, some sad news for a dear friend plus work deadlines, party planning and lots of family in town loving on our little family equals one grateful but also tired and slightly  burnt out mama. Time for a bit of a break for me.

Please enjoy this little preview of Bodhi’s modern cow themed 2nd birthday party.

I’ll be back later this week with more eye candy, but for now, B and I are off enjoying some much needed play time, play dates and mess-making.

More to come soon! Have a great week!

Photos were taken by the LOVELY Melissa Oholendt PhotographyI get so much joy seeing Melissa’s work and have several teaser images from the party that I am so so so excited about. I can’t wait to share with you. She is AMAZING!

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