Leaning in to peace, calm and pleasure

I’m a fast-paced person. I get things done. I have lists and keep things moving in my work, my home, my life. Sometimes I move so fast that it’s to a fault. I’ve been working on making time for peace and slowing down in my life lately, but it’s hard for me. If there are things to do, I feel that I should be doing them.

Someone I trust and respect (and who I consider to be somewhat of an expert at self-care) recently said simply “Lean in to the peaceful, pleasurable and calm moments you already have.” She continued to say “Enjoy that deep breath in the kitchen for just one extra minute, sip a hot cup of tea slowly before bed or wake up a few minutes early in the morning so you can sip that hot cup of coffee quietly, light your favorite candle, snuggle your sleeping or sleepy kids just a little bit longer, meditate, pray, stretch even if it’s just for a minute or two… whatever it is that is already a part of your life, lean in to those things.”

This is a simple sentiment, but one I paid close attention to this past week. The simple act of noticing those moments has helped me to feel more calm. Awareness is everything, isn’t it?

Trying to squeeze in new activities to calm my mind or slow down is not easy. The idea of taking just a little more time for the things that I already have really resonates with me in this active, fun, busy, sometimes hectic season of my life.

How do you find calm? How do you make time for peace and relaxation? What do you think of this simple, yet potentially powerful concept?

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