Lately life has been busy yet I have been present.

I chose B over my email inbox last week. I chose playing at the park over attempting to clean while entertaining  my son and failing at both. I chose napping with my son because I was tired over drinking another cup of coffee to force myself awake to get more done around the house.

I chose spending an entire day photographing sweet little boys and didn’t fret one bit about my other work or my email inbox the entire day. I even ordered lunch and enjoyed time with my friend rather than just pushing through to get the session done. We never have time without toddlers. It was lovely.

And that day spent with a fun 1-year-old boy and this sweet newborn baby boy named Remy, the son of a very close friend, was a solid reminder of how fast the time goes with these beautiful children we’ve been gifted. Seeing a newborn (2-weeks old), a 1-year-old (it was his birthday that day) and my 2-year-old (just turned two a few weeks ago), all boys, in the same day was a crystal clear picture of the past three years at this time.

Newborns quickly become 3, 4, 5-month-old babies. Those babies quickly become toddlers. And I’m guessing, though I haven’t lived it yet, that toddlers much too quickly become kids and then school kids.

Parenting is hard. Really hard. There are days I am completely exhausted and can hardly stay awake long enough to put B to bed.

Other days are filled with heart explosions times a thousand—Love, love, love for my sweet boy and all of his things-the way he talks, walks, plays, things he says, hugs, kisses and so much more.

Holding my friend’s sweet baby Remy also reminds me of how much I missed with Bodhi when I was so tired and dealing with Postpartum Depression right around two years ago. It’s easy to say “If I had it to do all over again,” but I don’t. I can’t. I won’t ever be able to do it different. And that’s ok. I’m doing it right now. I’m going to keep trying to do it right for my beautiful little family.

I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled posts soon. Thanks for indulging me with these personal posts. Have a great week everyone!

Please note: All photos are copyright Jessica Rose Photography and Live the fancy life. Please do not use these without permission. Thank you!

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