I loved working with Valleyfair on this sponsored post and can’t wait to share our experience with you. 

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I grew up going to Valleyfair at least once every summer, typically riding a community bus from my small rural Minnesota hometown to the big city. Seeing the rollercoasters in the distance was an exciting moment every year. Our boys are finally at the age where going to Valleyfair is beyond fun. Check out to see what’s new and notable at Valleyfair.

Bodhi went last year for the first time and this was Ezra’s very first Valleyfair experience. The excitement in the car and the moment we stepped foot on Valleyfair property was high!

With Ezra being four (or 3 and 11/12 as he liked to say up until his birthday on June 23) and Bodhi being a fresh 7, we spent time in almost every part of the park. There was fun for all ages.

We started the day with rollercoasters and train rides and some of the smaller rides for Ezra in the PEANUTSTM part of the park. Of course, with all that fun comes hunger. We LOVED the All Day Dining pass which allows you to eat a meal every 90 minutes. I won’t say that we needed to eat every 90 minutes, but with two growing boys, it wasn’t much longer than that between food stops.

After a few hours of going on every ride we saw, we decided it was time for the waterpark. The waterpark at Valleyfair is called “Soak City” and soak city it was. We visited Valleyfair on a 90-degree day so the wave pool, splash pad and water slides were perfect. We spent a few hours exploring all of the fun options at Soak City.

Of course, after swimming the kids were hungry again. The new Nordic Waffles stand is located right outside of Soak City and was the perfect meal for our hungry boys.

We love that at Valleyfair, we get two parks for the price of one. We spent all morning exploring the rides and the afternoon cooling off at Soak City.

Our visit to Valleyfair as a family was the best way to kick off our summer of fun!

 This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Valleyfair.