It’s already been a full year since we moved to our new home. We closed on this day last year and what started off a bit stressful (moving with an 11-month-old baby boy who doesn’t sleep is not fun), turned into a home that we love in a community we adore with new friends all around us.

While I often feel like we still have so much to do and so little done, looking back, I realize we’ve accomplished a lot. Patience is what I need. Today I want to share a few posts showing the changes in our lives and important moments where we worked to make this new house into our home.

Let’s take a look back at this past year…

Bodhi’s first birthday party

I quit my corporate job and encouraging you to pursue your passions too

I’m actually surviving and thriving while working for myself 

Bodhi went with us to vote in a Presidential election

Family room curtains

Kitchen lights

Upper hall light

I planned a wedding

I launched my photography business

Master bedroom updates

Formal living room

How paint has changed my life


Christmas party

Christmas with family

How our nursery went from fab to mega drab

Bodhi’s toddler room

Special moments with B

Thanks for coming along for the ride. I’m so grateful for all of you who stop by and support my work with Live the fancy life each day. Cheers!

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