I'm back to work

Hello hello! After a seriously extended maternity leave, I am officially back to work. You may not have noticed since the blog and writing for Momtastic were things I still did. But now I get to go back to client work, more magazine writing and continue with my other work. It feels SO good.

After nearly eight months with my sweet baby, I’m ready to rock it. After searching casually for a nanny for a few months ( is a bit overwhelming to me), we hired my mama to come to our house three days each week and it seems like the perfect fit. She started already today. She was lucky to be able to make her job a part-time job so she could work for us and get extra time with our kiddos. It’s a pretty sweet setup for all.

This means I’m working Monday through Wednesday, working during naps on Thursdays and I’m taking Fridays off completely. I’m so excited to use Fridays to simply enjoy time with my kids, especially with Spring and Summer right around the corner.

Plus I can do housework during naps on Fridays and not feel bad that I’m behind on deadlines. Throughout this maternity leave, I’ve been very torn. I always have deadlines and sponsored posts due, but I also really wanted to do the dishes and laundry during naps so I didn’t have to balance them with Ezra. I just stunk at it. I felt guilty when I was cleaning and I felt guilty when I was working. Lose-lose.

So, there will be a lot of new things happening here and in other spaces. I’ll be sharing them with you. For now, be sure you’re following us on Instagram. That’s where I share the behind-the-scenes goodness. ;)

Have a great week and happy President’s Day!


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