Altitude Summit is an AMAZING resource for professional lifestyle bloggers and hobby bloggers alike. I’ve taken countless courses and met tons of other bloggers through their online workshops. But, I’ve never been to their conferences and I’ve wanted to go since FOREVER. Alt’s main event sells out in a couple of days. Alt New York City sold out quickly and Alt San Francisco registration actually crashed their server before selling out super fast. 

I missed out on tickets by minutes. But on Wednesday, during B’s nap, I saw that the conference was moved from Gap Headquarter to a yet-to-be-named location which means they now have space for a few more bloggers. I called the sweet hubby and we pulled the trigger. And luckily, I made it and actually got a ticket.

Yay! Yippee! Hooray! I snapped this at the Minnesota State Capital after Governor Dayton signed the Freedom to Marry Act into law last week. Bodhi loved the energy. This is how I felt after getting my ticket.

So, I’ll be heading to San Francisco, one of my favorite cities, on July 17 for four or five days. I’ll spend some time at the conference and my husband will join me for a few fun days just the two of us.

I haven’t talked much here about how this blog has become a portion of my job, my career and my business, but I do feel that I owe you an update on that soon.

And I owe you a lot of gratitude.

To my real-life in-person friends who stop by every single day and often leave comments, I am beyond grateful for you. Not all of my friends and family read my blog, but I know the ones who do and I know it takes up their time. They have been so supportive of me as I chase this little dream of mine, to be a writer, a blogger and a creative professionally. Thank you friends for commenting, voting for me, sharing my work on your Facebook pages and just generally being supportive. You know who you are, but I feel like calling some of you out with initials (J, J, K, C, L, A and R).

To my real-life acquaintances who stop by Live the fancy life regularly. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

To my friends who I have made in this amazing online space. I feel so lucky to have you in my life this way and am grateful for your support and the time you spend here on my little portion of the blogosphere. I also can’t thank you enough for linking over to my work, pinning my work and generally sharing my work. I’d like to do the same for you. Please leave a comment sometime if you haven’t already. I’ll always stop by your blogs too. p.s. I love e-knowing you!

To those of you who stop by sporadically and maybe don’t leave a comment. Thank you as well! You have helped me grow as a person, a writer, a blogger and a business.

You all mean so much to me as I come up to my one-year mark after leaving my corporate job. My husband and I joked that if I didn’t make a penny after a year, I would probably need to start looking at some corporate options again. Things have been amazing and I am planning to keep on keeping on! I want to be a better blogger, writer, photographer, event stylist, a better friend, a better wife and mama and I want to inspire others to do the little things that make life fancy every day.

Thank you!

Have a lovely Memorial weekend, my friends!

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