There is a teeny tiny chance we may be adding a patio to our home and yard this year. Since our house was built just last year, we don’t yet have a deck or patio, so we typically do everything on our driveway in terms of entertaining. This means we don’t really have an outdoor table since the driveway needs to be clear most of the time. This possibility has me thinking about what we might do with said patio. A girl can dream, right?

With our bright yellow front door, I would probably pull yellow, coral and even some turquoise and red into the equation. Lovely!

Falster table ($170) Ikea. A simple grey table. I like the modern design and I like that it doesn’t stand out too much.

Hogsten Arm Chairs ($79) Ikea. I’ve been eyeing these for months and may someday grab them with or without a patio because they would make beautiful extra chairs for dinner parties and entertaining inside too.

Clear Globe lights ($13) Target (not pictured). You have to have globe lights when entertaining in the early evening. I’ve always wanted these strung across the yard for a dinner party and since this is what we lovingly call our “forever home” investing in a way to string them up is in the cards.

Karlso hanging umbrella ($99) Ikea. A very affordable option. I like the idea of keeping the umbrella simple even though some of the striped options at Pottery Barn were also calling my name. I’m not sure of the quality of this umbrella, so would want to read reviews before purchasing this one.

La Mer Outdoor pillow ($29) Crate and Barrel.

Happy yellow striped indoor/outdoor rug ($298) Dash and Albert. I am so drawn to the colors and stripes in this rug, but honestly, I couldn’t pay this much for an outdoor rug. Ever. I’ll keep dreaming because I do feel that this rug really makes the space. Perhaps a DIY option?

Enjoy the Day pillow ($9.99) Target. We already have it. I already love it!

Sundial pillow ($29.99) West Elm.

Savannah Garden Light fire pit ($129) Amazon. I LOVE this fire pit. It looks heavy duty, but the footprint isn’t so large that it would take up much space on what will likely be, a very small patio.

Pagoda blue lola wire stool ($41.99) World Market. This brings in the extra turquoise I was looking for and since they are wire, they seem like a good option near the fire pit.

High gloss swoon tray ($29) CB2. We own one just like this that we snagged with minor flaws from West Elm last year. Almost identical so it would certainly be used even though it isn’t a perfect match in terms of color palette.

Painted food domes ($39) World Market (not pictured). Practical and pretty.

Chevron slanted party tub ($19.99) World Market (not pictured). I’m pretty over the whole chevron thing even though I think it’s super cute, but this party tub is practical and includes the colors I want for our patio.

Starting the week dreaming up patio plans is fantastic! LOVE! I’ve also been dreaming of an ice cream party with all of our little neighbor kids, but not sure I’ll do that if we don’t do the patio. How do you spend your summer evenings? Do you have a patio or a deck? Do you actually use your outdoor spaces? That’s what I’m not sure of.

Cheers to a new week!

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